Market of Opportunities

The Market of Opportunities allow interesting connections between visitors and experts in the following days. Of relevance Fernando Matos, Graça Martins e Rosário Cunha from Associação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal (ACAPO), Mrs Marie-Reneé Hector from the Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles (INJA), Karmen Nenadic from the Croatian Association of the Blind and Andrea Fajdetic from the University of Zagreb.

Moreover the contacts established with two graphic designers Thierry Wijnberg and Gregor Strutz, which were presenting the projects – “Revisiting Braille” and  “Braille can still do much more” – were important to reinforce the idea that a Graphic Design methodology can help to promote Braille and include the tactile alphabet as part of Universal design.

Overall this experience allow to have contact with many people, visual impaired and sighted persons directly related with the field.




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