Outcomes & Conclusions

This experience was very rich and intense by allowing me the opportunity to have contact and interact with visually impaired persons. This opportunity helped me to develop a clearer idea of what it is to be blind in a visual world. It also made it possible for me to establish future connections in this area so to take this project into the next level.

The themes under the Panel of Discussions allowed me to gain insight into the different experinces of the experts in this area. Furthermore, it became clear to me that some of the actual problems related with Braille and accessibility are reflections of issues in main society.

Regarding the research project, the feedback was very usefull to identify problems and possible solutions. I realized that it is difficult to use different materials in Braille books due to the fact that it would increase prices and at the same time decrease the legibility of the text. However, this idea was seen as a strong possibility for book covers (as was previous suggested by the Braille reader at the DBPSS). The discussion of this project also opened up the opportunity to discuss the applications of the project for education, suggesting that a new interaction with Braille may help the learning process.

To conclude I would like to thank you to Mandy White from the RNIB, the person who let me know about the congress and to Jenni Schwan from the conference management who always clarified the questions during the application process.


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